Friday, July 22, 2016

. Development of Efficient Welfare - Support Programmes for Lawyers:

Functional Welfare Support Programme for young members of the Bar (via increased access to facilities and services available at the National Secretariat at a subsidized rate and access to loan facilities from partnering banks, etc)

.Functional Welfare Support Programme for Aged members of the Bar through various health programmes and packages. 

 Functional Welfare Support Programme for members of the Bar living with disabilities and those who become incapacitated in the course of their professional pursuit

 To champion the establishment of a minimum wage baseline for the engagement of young lawyers based upon and taking account of location and business environment.

 Setting up of a Loans Board to give loans with little or no interest to deserving lawyers for setting up law offices or partnerships, e.t.c

Enhancing the life insurance policy for lawyers for better negotiated and improved benefits.

Setting up of a Pension Scheme for lawyers

 To initiate Health Insurance Policy in collaboration with the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) for all interested lawyers and their family members to guarantee easy access to quality healthcare and benefits.

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